Fiji Airways | Home Away From Home

When you fly with Fiji Airways you're not treated like a seat number, but like a member of the family. We took three families who have never flown overseas, and deserved it most after an exhaustive social search where we interviewed 70+ people and cared for them on board, and gave them a 6 star holiday in Fiji.

Kelly Slater.

Fiji Airways has the same warmth, care and impeccable hospitality as a Fijian Family that’s why Kelly Slater has been staying with the same Fijian family every year for the past 25 years. 

The Monahans.

The Monahan family was struck by tragedy when Narelle, the mother and single parent of the six Monahan kids, passed away from cancer. Her last wish was for the siblings to stay united in the same home, however this was not to be. The kids lived separately across Australia and NZ. We organised for the Monahans to be reunited in Fiji and captured their story.

The McConnells.

The McConnell family run a dairy farm in New Zealand. They milk 850 cows twice a day and due to the rigours of the farm are rarely together outside a work capacity. Their work and home lives had collapsed together and they were desperate to reconnect. We flew them to Fiji where they were able to rediscover their 'home' while staying with a caring Fijian family.